The applied organometallics group of the University of Padua is a young and dynamic group that enthusiastically carries out cutting-edge research on various fronts of transition metal chemistry. In particular, it ranges from catalysis to bioinorganic chemistry to optoelectronics.


C3-Day in Bologna

Professor Cristina Tubaro, Professor Andrea Biffis and our PhD students Giovanni and Francesco took part to the 3rd edition of the C3-Day in Bologna last Tuensday. It will be a unique opportunity for established and early-stage scientists in the field of catalysis to share their latest findings across Academia and Industry, in an informal and international atmosphere.

Another nice paper!

Here you can find the synthesis and characterization of Pt(II) and Au(I) complexes bearing N-oxy-heterocyclic carbene ligands.

Look and read other contributes about the organometallic synthesis and characterization in the appropriate section.

Open positions

Postdoc position

A postdoc position on the “Synthesis and characterization of (electro)chemiluminescent dyes” to carry out research activity related to the project “BioPoweredCL” “Bright and biologically powered chemiluminescent labels for cell and tissue imaging” has been opened. Please check the department website https://www.chimica.unipd.it/dipartimento/amministrazione-trasparente/bandi-di-concorso/bandi-didattica-ricerca-e-altre-tipolog-2 and https://protocollo.unipd.it/albo/viewer for details. If interested contact prof. Alessandro Aliprandi (alessandro.aliprandi@unipd.it) and send a CV. Stay tuned!