Another nice paper!

Here you can find the synthesis and characterization of Pt(II) and Au(I) complexes bearing N-oxy-heterocyclic carbene ligands.

Look and read other contributes about the organometallic synthesis and characterization in the appropriate section.

Novel Fe(III), Cr(III) and Ni(II) complexes

A new paper about coordination chemistry and catalytic application in CO2 valorization is online!

Read it and look other contributes about this topic!

New review about ECL

Read the last review about the Critical Aspects and Challenges in the Design of Small Molecules
for Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) Application

What a nice week!

Three new papers of our group are online!

They are about organopalladium anticancer agents with a detailed biological/computational analysis on novel Pd-aryl complexes (read here), the synthesis, anticancer and catalytic activity of di-gold(I)-thiolato and -alkynyl complexes bearing di-NHC ligands (read here) and a DFT analysis concerning the reaction between biologically-active Pd complexes and chalcogenolates (read here).

Here you can find all of them and other papers about this topic!

New unsaturated 104-electron Pd(0) cluster.

Read the last paper about the synthesis and characterization of a new nanocluster with a cubic Pd8 core stabilized by ยต4-capping phosphinidene ligands.

New paper !

Are you interested in how cyclodextrins and MOFs can synergistically act as drug delivery systems for cancer therapy? Here you can find a review on the topic by Thomas Scattolin and co-workers.

Other publications of our group about metal-based anticancer agents can be found in the specific section here. Have a look!